Who’s Leaving the Heart-Warming ABC Thursday Night Drama Grey’s Anatomy?

As seasons come to an end for the most popular original series shows viewers love, fans and producers alike get nervous about which one of their favorites are staying and which ones are going. Fans never want their favorite characters to make an exit, and writers and producers of the shows get anxious as well.  When it is contract time, it often presents difficulty for them to write out an old character and write in a new one.

These days, Grey’s Anatomy fans are all up in air about the unexpected and unwanted exits of long time cast members Chyler Leigh and Kim Raver. However, fans are not the only people stunned by the exit as costar Jesse Williams was surprised to learn about the cast leaving as he revealed how sad it is to lose the beautiful people that they are and how they have come to love them so much. Williams, who stars as Dr. Jackson Avery on the hit show, shared that his feelings about how depressing it is to lose them.

When the other cast members were made aware of Lexie (Leigh) and Teddy’s (Raver) leaving the show as they attended the final table read with castmates before filming the last episode, Williams is questioning whether or not Dr. Avery’s days are numbered from what he called character swan songs. From the revelation meeting, his comments were that everybody is leaving in one way or another according to Williams who joined the series drama back in the 2009 season.

After the season finale, creator, Shonda Rhimes tells reporters that she was devastated over having to write Leigh and Raver out of next season’s series. She said the finale was extremely difficult to write and was not at all fun. She goes on to say that normally, they end the season without knowing anything about future shows.  This season is different in that the cast and writers know that they are definitely having to say goodbye to two of the favorite cast members of the fans, other members of the cast, and producers.  Lexie exited the show via death and Teddy was written out to take another job.

Williams was always one that tried to predict how Rhimes’ story lines would affect the cast and the show, but he has lately decided to remain in the present ABC series as he also admits it is impossible to read Rhimes next move. Williams goes on to say that he gave up predictions of the show after his first year.  He is also currently staring in a drag racing movie, Snake and Mongoose.” He reveals how he spent a whole year acting like he knew what he was talking about in his predictions of the show and now he doesn’t even try to guess.

Rumors are still circulating that other cast members may still exit Grey’s Anatomy as the all time favorite “McDreamy” is looking to check out of the show too. Rumors are creeping out that Ellen Pompeo is considering an exit as well. Could someone please tell me how you can have Grey’s Anatomy without “Grey?”  Dempsey’s contract is up next season and rumors say he does not want to resign.  Why not make it one more whopping great season and then shut the whole show down, flat-lining it to the end with McDreamy and Grey? Catch next season’s Grey’s Anatomy, learn more here!


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