Sling TV Review – Everything You Want to Know!

Sling TV is freedom as far as television entertainment is concerned. It gets rid of the cable contracts; it does not force you to pay for extra channels that you never watch; hell, it even allowsling-tv-trial-offers you to enjoy your TV wherever you are, as long as you have a consistent high speed internet connection.

Sling TV offers all of this and more without you having to offer any blood as sacrifice!

Jokes aside, what Sling TV offers on paper is simply too good to be true. That is why, we bring you this honest review, which we have compiled after putting the service through our rigorous testing. We have tried to consider the smallest of factors during our tests. All you need to do is keep reading, and by the end of it you will know everything you need to about Sling TV.

What is Sling TV? How is it Different from Netflix?

slingtv-vs-amazon-hulu-netflixFor starters, Sling TV is a streaming service. It delivers television content over the internet. This puts it among the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. However, Sling TV is vastly different from any of those services. While they offer on-demand content only, Sling TV’s primary offering is live cable programming. That’s right, Sling TV allows you to enjoy your cable entertainment on the internet.

As more and more people are cutting the cord for various reasons, DISH Network presumably thought that it can take the competition directly to the streaming services. The result was Sling TV, which offers the same “watch anywhere, anyway, and anytime” convenience of the streaming services. For all those people who were missing cable programming after cutting the cord or were on the fence, Sling TV makes perfect sense. Enjoy cable TV, along with the convenience of streaming services. That’s actually how DISH has positioned the Sling TV in the market.


sling-tv-channelsSling TV projects itself as a lean cable service that does not force you to pay for the channels that you don’t watch. This is completely true. All of its base packages are designed thoughtfully, and come with only a limited set of channels. If you want to add more channels, then you can add them to your base package. For instance, Sling TV’s base packages start at $20 a month. This plan offers more than 30 channels, including ESPN, CNN, TNT, AMC, and so on. Depending on your location, your local channels may also vary. But, the fact is that for just $20 per month, Sling TV has managed to offer a good variety of programming, including sports, for an occasional viewer. This is a steal in comparison to the cable subscriptions.

Then there are the add-on packs. All the niche programming channels are clubbed into add-on packs. These add-on packs cost $5 each. You can only add these packs if you want to watch the channels they offer.

The best thing about Sling TV is that you are never bound to the service or to the plans. All the plans are valid for only 1 month, at the end of which you can completely overhaul your subscription plan, or simply continue with the existing one. Your choice.

How Can I Watch TV with Sling TV?

Sling TV offers a variety of options for enjoying television entertainment. The Sling TV app can be installed on a variety of devices. It supports Android, iOS, smart TVs, Amazon Fire devices, Apple TV, Xbox One, and so on. If you have a smart device, it probably supports Sling TV. You can use almost any smart device to access your Sling TV account and enjoy your television on the device’s screen. On the other hand, you can use those devices to stream the content to your television too. Chromecast is one way of doing it.

If any of this sounds like too much headache for watching television, don’t worry. Sling TV has taken care of that as well. When you subscribe to Sling TV and prepay for one month’s subscription, you will immediately get a Roku device absolutely free of cost. You can use this piece of handy device to enjoy Sling TV on your television with ease. It simply can’t get any better than this. Oh wait, it does.

Because Sling TV supports a variety of portable platforms like Android and iOS smartphones, you can now enjoy your television, no matter where you are. With an internet connection, mobile data or Wi-Fi, you can enjoy your TV as you like. Beware that data connections can be quite expensive, though.

How Do I Go About This?

It is true that many services are good in theory, and turn out to be pathetic when you finally sign up for them. Sling TV is definitely not one of them. To prove their point, Sling TV even offers you a 7-day free trial.

So, sign up for the free trial and experience the power of cable on the internet by yourself. A week should be enough for you to see whether this service is made for you or not. Don’t worry, you won’t have to make any commitments during the free trial period. Once it expires, it is up to you to decide whether to continue with the service or discontinue.

Sling TV does not require you to install any devices from the company, unlike cable connections. That’s why there should be no worries about hidden charges, even during the free trial period.

Also, it hardly takes about 10 minutes to set up your Sling TV free trial. That is, in less than 10 minutes, you will be enjoying free cable TV for the next 7 days.

Whether you continue with the service or not, it doesn’t hurt to give the free trial a try. You are more than likely to stick with the service and cut the cord, like so many others have done already.