Simon Cowell Can Be Very Insulting!

Simon Cowell


His first insult was directed at his mother. At the age of four, he informed his mother that her white hat made her look “like a poodle.” We all know him as the guy that says, “It’s a no from me.” He’s the tough guy, the judge that never backs down and loves to dish out sarcasm, insults and criticism. Some love him, many more hate him. His name? Simon Cowell.

Born in London in 1959, Simon Cowell has risen to fame as a judge on the British television music competition, The X Factor, since 2004. Following his amazing success on the X Factor, Simon Cowell went on to develop Got Talent, a talent show not limited only to musical performances. Simon Cowell quickly became the executive producer of America’s Got Talent, the American version of Britain’s X Factor.

But, it was Simon’s unfailing ability to say it like it is on Pop Idol, a British reality show, that pushed his name to the top in British households. Once he created American Idol, he was known across the entire world as a man that will not waste his words. When it comes to judging, he will say it like it is – like it or not.

Even though most of us know Cowell from his tough persona on various talent shows across Britain and the United States, did you know that he also created ABC’s American Inventor, as well as Celebrity Duets, Grease Is the Word and the game show Red or Black? Clearly he has not limited himself to talent shows and musical competitions.

One would never have guessed that the man who started working at EMI Music Publishing would so quickly rise to the top in the music industry. Simon Cowell is now known by name in homes across all of Europe and the United States – as well as the rest of the world.

Most recently, Simon Cowell has been working as a judge on the X Factor, and made headlines for revealing his singing abilities by singing Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love. He claims it was “the worst night” he’s ever done, but his fellow judges disagree. Apparently Cowell has many more talents than he chooses to reveal!

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