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Sling TV Review – Everything You Want to Know!

Sling TV is freedom as far as television entertainment is concerned. It gets rid of the cable contracts; it does not force you to pay for extra channels that you never watch; hell, it even allowsling-tv-trial-offers you to enjoy your TV wherever you are, as long as you have a consistent high speed internet connection.

Sling TV offers all of this and more without you having to offer any blood as sacrifice!

Jokes aside, what Sling TV offers on paper is simply too good to be true. That is why, we bring you this honest review, which we have compiled after putting the service through our rigorous testing. We have tried to consider the smallest of factors during our tests. All you need to do is keep reading, and by the end of it you will know everything you need to about Sling TV.

What is Sling TV? How is it Different from Netflix?

slingtv-vs-amazon-hulu-netflixFor starters, Sling TV is a streaming service. It delivers television content over the internet. This puts it among the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. However, Sling TV is vastly different from any of those services. While they offer on-demand content only, Sling TV’s primary offering is live cable programming. That’s right, Sling TV allows you to enjoy your cable entertainment on the internet.

As more and more people are cutting the cord for various reasons, DISH Network presumably thought that it can take the competition directly to the streaming services. The result was Sling TV, which offers the same “watch anywhere, anyway, and anytime” convenience of the streaming services. For all those people who were missing cable programming after cutting the cord or were on the fence, Sling TV makes perfect sense. Enjoy cable TV, along with the convenience of streaming services. That’s actually how DISH has positioned the Sling TV in the market.


sling-tv-channelsSling TV projects itself as a lean cable service that does not force you to pay for the channels that you don’t watch. This is completely true. All of its base packages are designed thoughtfully, and come with only a limited set of channels. If you want to add more channels, then you can add them to your base package. For instance, Sling TV’s base packages start at $20 a month. This plan offers more than 30 channels, including ESPN, CNN, TNT, AMC, and so on. Depending on your location, your local channels may also vary. But, the fact is that for just $20 per month, Sling TV has managed to offer a good variety of programming, including sports, for an occasional viewer. This is a steal in comparison to the cable subscriptions.

Then there are the add-on packs. All the niche programming channels are clubbed into add-on packs. These add-on packs cost $5 each. You can only add these packs if you want to watch the channels they offer.

The best thing about Sling TV is that you are never bound to the service or to the plans. All the plans are valid for only 1 month, at the end of which you can completely overhaul your subscription plan, or simply continue with the existing one. Your choice.

How Can I Watch TV with Sling TV?

Sling TV offers a variety of options for enjoying television entertainment. The Sling TV app can be installed on a variety of devices. It supports Android, iOS, smart TVs, Amazon Fire devices, Apple TV, Xbox One, and so on. If you have a smart device, it probably supports Sling TV. You can use almost any smart device to access your Sling TV account and enjoy your television on the device’s screen. On the other hand, you can use those devices to stream the content to your television too. Chromecast is one way of doing it.

If any of this sounds like too much headache for watching television, don’t worry. Sling TV has taken care of that as well. When you subscribe to Sling TV and prepay for one month’s subscription, you will immediately get a Roku device absolutely free of cost. You can use this piece of handy device to enjoy Sling TV on your television with ease. It simply can’t get any better than this. Oh wait, it does.

Because Sling TV supports a variety of portable platforms like Android and iOS smartphones, you can now enjoy your television, no matter where you are. With an internet connection, mobile data or Wi-Fi, you can enjoy your TV as you like. Beware that data connections can be quite expensive, though.

How Do I Go About This?

It is true that many services are good in theory, and turn out to be pathetic when you finally sign up for them. Sling TV is definitely not one of them. To prove their point, Sling TV even offers you a 7-day free trial.

So, sign up for the free trial and experience the power of cable on the internet by yourself. A week should be enough for you to see whether this service is made for you or not. Don’t worry, you won’t have to make any commitments during the free trial period. Once it expires, it is up to you to decide whether to continue with the service or discontinue.

Sling TV does not require you to install any devices from the company, unlike cable connections. That’s why there should be no worries about hidden charges, even during the free trial period.

Also, it hardly takes about 10 minutes to set up your Sling TV free trial. That is, in less than 10 minutes, you will be enjoying free cable TV for the next 7 days.

Whether you continue with the service or not, it doesn’t hurt to give the free trial a try. You are more than likely to stick with the service and cut the cord, like so many others have done already.

The Blacklist TV Series

The Blacklist is an NBC crime drama that debuted on the network on September 23, 2013. The show is created by Jon Bokenkamp, who is also one of the executive producers. The show was a hit among the audience and NBC ordered another season on December 3, 2013. In the October of 2015, the series was renewed for the third time. The recent season of the popular series will premiere on NBC on October 1, 2015. You can watch all the exciting episodes online with a subscription to one of these Charter Internet Plans.

the blacklist kings of the highway

The Blacklist started off with the capture of Raymond Reddington (played by James Spader). This guy is a former officer of the United Stated Navy, who has now turned to a life of crime. He is one of the most wanted criminals of the country, but his sudden capture raises more questions than it answers. On being detained, RaymondReddingtonmakes an interesting statement. He tells Herold Cooper, the Director of the Counterterrorism Division, (played by Harry Lennix), that he can reveal to them the names and details of operations of a dangerous terrorist. The person he is offering is a threat to the national security and so sly that he has managed to remain under the radar and out of the reach of the FBI. But, in exchange, he wants total immunity. He also makes another strange request that he would work only with an inexperienced FBI agent, Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone). Cooper does find his choice of agent odd and doubtful, but he complies anyway.

the blacklist character

Reddington walks the talk and helps the FBI in nabbing the wanted terrorist. This is when Reddington reveals that he is not a one trick pony, and his life of crime has helped him compile a rather long list of wanted criminals.He calls his list of criminals the Blacklist, which contains all the information about some of the worst enemies of the United States, about whom the FBI has no clue. He does not hide his own vested interest in taking these terrorists out either. Simultaneously,thestoryalsofocuseson the personal lives of the lead characters and why Elizabeth was Reddington’s stubborn and only choice. But, it is revealed over the course of three seasons.

the blacklist cast member

The show has received positive reviews across the board. The critics have loved the intriguingstoryline and the fine performances by the actors. The audience also has greatly appreciated the show and millions have tuned in to see the weekly episodes. James Spader, in particular, has left quite a mark. He has been appreciated for delivering a character with many layers. He has completely done justice to the complex role and has managed to not overdo it. Megan Boone, has also been applauded for her portrayal of the FBI agent, who is all of a sudden in the limelight. She has brought forward the character with her genuine acting. The other cast members like Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, Parminder Nagra, Harry Lennix, and so on, have also been praised.

The third season of the show has been going strong too, with great reviews from all quarters. The Blacklist is undoubtedly one of the best crime drama shows on television right now and is slated to finish strong, just like the previous two seasons.

Things You Didn’t Know About Shameless


Shameless is an American television dramedy that airs on Showtime. It’s a remake of the British award-winning series of the same name, the American version set in Chicago’s Canaryville, a south side neighborhood. The show began airing in January of 2011, with the show being renewed for a sixth season in January of 21015.

The show focuses on the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, single father of six and frequent drunk. His children learn to take care of themselves in lieu of either parental figure to guide them along. The show differs from other work-class American shows, in that Shameless isn’t a blue- or white-collar family, and the father’s alcoholism directly affects his family. The show is darker and is presented not as some far off world, or in the South, but in your very own backyard. The show’s developer originally went around pitching the show, he had to fight tooth and nail to prevent the core of the show’s location being changed. “We have a comedic tradition of making fun of the people in those worlds. The reality is that these people aren’t ‘the other’ – they’re people who live four blocks down from you and two blocks over.”

The feedback for Shameless has been mostly positive, with the first season receiving a 66 overall rating on Metacritic, indicating generally favorable reviews, and the second season receiving a 76, indicating increasing favorable reviews. Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter commented that “Shameless is excellent, compelling television from the first moment. As long as it stays true to the roots of the original, it’s going to be essential viewing.” The fourth episode of the first season retained 100% of its premiere audience, making Shameless the best performing freshman drama on Showtime.  Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 74% fresh rating based on 31 reviews, with the consensus that, “Shameless is a dark, urban dramedy that overcomes its leaps of logic thanks to fantastic casting, intriguing ambiance, and shock value.” As of 2015, seasons 2-5 have a 100% rating.

The most interesting aspect of Shameless is its open and unapologetic display of a family in despair, a family suffering from a father’s inability to bring himself to care about anyone or anything outside of his need for repressing his life. It’s a story that talks about the dark, less comfortable aspects of life, but does so with both meaning and purpose. In particular, it brings to mind and possible discussion the portrayal of sexuality and rape as it’s presented on television. It calls into question the preconceived notions we as a country have about family, and what it means to be a parent. It calls into question what is commonly assumed as someone else’s problem and presents it as something that’s happening right down the street. These ideas aren’t often expressed so blatantly on television, and especially not in a way that forces its viewers to question their own preconceptions of what is and is not reality.

Shameless is a show that isn’t afraid to talk about the darker aspects of the human condition, and isn’t afraid to engage these issues head-on. It’s a show that isn’t ashamed to push boundaries and challenge commonly held preconceptions. it’s a show worth watching if you’re looking for something that makes you think, something that encourages hours of self-reflection and introspective understanding. Look at Charter Spectrum Internet Deals to find more online television entertainment options.

4 Things You Never Knew About The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular comedies on television; it is also often considered the smartest due to the frequent references to science, math, astronomy and other spheres of knowledge. The show, which is currently in its 8th season, has proven to be one of the mainstays of primetime comedy. But just how much do you really know about this hit show? Let’s look at 4 things that you never knew about The Big Bang Theory.

The show’s pilot was rejected

The original pilot of the show was rejected by every network that the producers pitched it to; the original pilot was also a vastly different show. In the original pilot for The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Leonard are shown in the process of getting money by donating to a sperm bank—adult jokes abounded in the original pilot, which was noticeably raunchier than the final incarnation of the show. Instead of the sweet and naïve Penny, a sarcastic, street-hardened girl named Katie was going to be the object of Leonard’s affections. And Leonard, far from being socially shy, is bold enough to ask the down-on-her-luck Katie to become his roommate!

Jim Parsons doesn’t like Star Trek

Sheldon is definitely the biggest pop culture nerd on the show—ask him anything about  Star Trek, Doctor Who or just about anything science-fiction and he can rattle off the perfect answer. However, Jim Parsons, the actor who plays Sheldon in the show, has admitted that he doesn’t really like science-fiction; in fact, he doesn’t even like Star Trek and has never willingly watched an entire episode!

Most of the character’s physical quirks are improvised

Although some of the character’s personality quirks are scripted by the writers, many of their physical quirks—such as Sheldon’s trademark creepy smile—were invented and improvised by the actors. In the script, for example, Sheldon is only described as having an “unpleasant” or “unusual” smile. It was Jim Parsons who decided on the specifics.

Sheldon’s t-shirts mean something

The show’s writers have revealed that there is more to Sheldon’s t-shirt choices than meets the eye: in fact, the colors of his shirts are often used as a mood reflector. If Sheldon is wearing a red shirt, chances are, he’s angry; if he is wearing blue, he is hopeful or in a good mood, and so on. Jump over to this website for more info about home entertainment opportunities.

3 Other Directions the Marley & Me TV Should Could Take


NBC recently announced that it had greenlit a pilot based on the film and memoir, Marley and Me (2008). The TV series would be a single-camera comedy that would pick up where the film left off, after the death of the Grogan family’s beloved pet Marley. The show would center on the family moving to Florida and adopting the abused puppy of a neighbor that—coincidentally—just so happens to behave as energetically and destructively as the first Marley. The family even gives this new puppy Marley’s old tag and leash, which they brought with them to Florida.

The idea of adapting a television show based on Marley & Me isn’t a bad one—in fact, based on the success of the original film; it could be a wise investment. However, many fans of the film, memoir and even the additional children’s books penned by Grogan are not too happy with the proposed direction of the pilot; namely because it seems to downplay Marley as an individual dog by replacing him with a lookalike and act-a-like copy.

There is other concept directions that the show could take that would allow NBC to capitalize on the popularity of the ‘Marley’ property without diminishing the integrity of the story.

After the success of the memoir and the resulting film, author Josh Grogan returned to the idea of “Marley” to pen a series of children’s books loosely based on Marley’s life. The books feature Marley living with a fictional family, where he brings joy, frustration and—of course—love to the lives of the people (and even the dogs!) around him. There are two Marley book series penned by Grogan; one is aimed at slightly older readers while the other is a series of picture books which often feature storylines based around holidays, important life lessons and, of course, Marley getting into mischief.

Instead of attempting to shoehorn in a ‘new’ Marley into the Grogan family’s lives, NBC could look at adapting the Marley picture books to be suitable for a television series. The show could be aimed at a slightly younger audience—think Disney Channel tweens—but it would still be suitable for the earlier primetime slots on NBC’s schedule. This particular direction would avoid the tackiness of the conceived pilot and give younger audiences a way to enjoy Marley’s adventures.


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Satellite TV for Everyone

Ever gone into a hotel, turned on the television and checked what channels there are only to be disappointed by the limited number of programs you can watch? Ever tried a satellite television package only to find out that there are a few more channels you would like to have? Finding the complete package to cater to a family’s needs is hard to find. Luckily there is a satellite network that provides high definition programming at great rates that fit everyone – Dish Network Satellite TV.

DishTV has several packages to fit anyone’s needs starting with the Smart Pack. The Smart Pack has more than 55 channels and is perfect for people who are in budget or families who are just starting out.

Next up, America’s Top 120, this package has 30 music channels, Disney, CNN, Discovery and EPSN and more than 120 channels that go along with it. For a wee bit more, get America’s Top 120 Plus package and get regional Fox Sports programs, Fox Soccer channel and FUEL TV.

America’s Top 200 is for the sports fan as this has several sports programming such as NFL, MBL and NHL networks plus CBS Sports Network and NBA TV and it has a channel for every sports league with 60 SiriusXM Music Channels. What more can a true blue sports fan ask for?

The America’s Top 250 package comes with all the aforementioned channels plus Nat Geo Wild and 17 movie channels, this package is definitely for the movie junkie.

The Everything Pack gives customers well.. Everything! From sports, to lifestyle shows, to commercial free movies and to music programs. Everyone in the family can watch their favorite shows.

How can the entire family watch their favorite shows when there is only one television or the shows are on the same air time? Dish has the answer for that, The Hopper by Dish Network. The Hopper has the ability to record up to 6 shows simultaneously and save up to 500 hours of programs be it TV, HD, or from on demand selections.

Over 15,000 titles for the on demand selection! All these can be watched on a tablet, smart phone or laptop so getting stuck at the office or traveling will never be an excuse to miss a show. The Hopper, with the latest technology in HD-DVR, can skip commercials and locate the remote control. No more searching, no more fighting who held the remote last, with the DISH TV Hopper. It guarantees a better viewing experience than any other service available for the best price, for everyone.

“Bethenny Ever After” Episode Recap

This episode of “Bethenny Ever After” was not the season finale but it sure did seem like it. It seemed like the show was not only heading for a season’s end but an ultimate fair well.

With a montage of flashback clips and relationship mending and building there was definitely a feeling of closure in the air.

First Bethenny and Jason went to see their almost finished apartment and while it was almost perfect Bethenny still had some suggestions about the TV interfering with the bar.  After all, we are talking about the owner of Skinny Girl a.k.a. the bar is everything.

After viewing the apartment Bethenny took Bryn to Spanish class and the two had an absolutely adorable outing.  Bethenny could not stop doting over Bryn and clips from Bethenny’s pregnancy showed just how excited she was to have a kid.  Bethenny made a point of saying how lucky Bryn was to have two parents that loved her so much.

It seems like Bethenny was not so lucky and her parents were rather absent in her own life.  She and Jason meet with her father’s best friend Louie to talk about her father’s lack of parenting when she was younger.  He basically tells her that her father did love her but he did so in his own way.  When Jason challenges this notion he is met with a quick mouthful by Louie who says to get out of it because he hasn’t been in the family long enough to know much of anything.

Bethenny later meets with her step father who she admits has been more of a father to her than her paternal father.  They have lunch and there is another flashback of a time when she hung out with him while on RHONY.  She admits that while he was not always the best parent he did do his best and loved her.

Lucky Beth gets to appear on the Wendy Williams show and she definitely shows interest in hosting a talk show of her own.  (Could this be the next venture for Bethenny)?

Things really get wrapped up while talking to her therapist.  There are clips that show Bethenny and Jason’s long trek throughout the years and how they used to be normal.

Bethenny admits that things have not always been easy but she wants to mend things with her mother the way she did with her father before he passed.  She also admits that her and Jason have been rocky but she wants them to stand the test of time.

Her therapist admits the amount of progress that she has made throughout the time that he has seen her and we really get the feeling this show is going to end soon.

Back at the nearly finished apartment with Jason, Bryn and Bethenny the couple talks about the possibility of having another baby.  Bethenny is wary due to her age and Jason seems content as they are.

Things end with them being a happy and Bethenny reveals she has a secret to disclose next episode on cable tv.

Plane Crash Changes Everything On “Grey’s Anatomy”

The episode opens with a horrific plane crash in a remote area. There are screams of agony echoing through the trees as Arizona is shown trapped under the wreckage of the plane. Christina seems to be okay as she frees herself in order to find Meredith in a confused state on the ground.  Mark also seems to be okay as he stumbles through the debris. The whole group seems to be in a state of shock.  Lexie and Derek are missing. They hear a loud banging noise as they realize it’s Lexie who appears to be in trouble.

Mark is frantically rushing around to find a way to help Lexie who can not get out from under the large section of the plane that’s on her. Whatever they can do for her, she has very little time. Lexie knows this, but Mark refuses to give up. Derek is also hurt badly as his arm is caught between a mangled piece of metal.  He uses a rock to try to smash it free but is a long way from the others and is bleeding severely. Jerry, the pilot of the plane, is trapped in the cockpit and can’t feel his legs. Arizona has to put a splint on her own leg even though she is trapped.

Since Lexie knows her time is limited, she asks Mark to hold her hand.  He acknowledges what is inevitable and let’s Lexie know that she was his true love, always was, and always will be. Caught up in the moment, they make plans for a future that they will never be able to share. Mark tells her that they were just meant to be, and Lexie confirms this just before she draws her last breath. It’s a heartbreaking scene as Mark continues to confirm his love for her as he breaks into tears.

Meanwhile, Meredith is distraught over the loss of her sister, and she still can’t find Derek, fearing he might be dead as well. In the moment, she lets Christina know that she is still her buddy, even if she doesn’t feel the same way. All of a sudden, Derek stumbles out of the woods.  As she works to take care of Derek’s badly mangled arm, she breaks the news about Lexie to him. Christina wants Mark to help her build a fire, but he is passed out from a heart issue. Meredith uses a tube to drain the blood that was collecting inside him, as they feel like he is out of the woods for now.

Although the doctors were not looking forward to the event, Richard is all hyped up about the traditional final dinner. Callie lets them all know they need to check their attitudes about it as she is looking forward to Arizona’s return and in a good mood. She is blind to the fact that her life partner is stranded in the woods with her friends from the crash. As a chopper flies over them, the flare gun is not working and no one knows where they are so they could be stranded for several days.

Teddy has decided to turn down her offer at MEDCOM, a US Army Medical Command center. Owen questions her decision for this once in a lifetime opportunity and is flabbergasted to learn it is because of him. She tells him she has never seen him in such a state of mind and she would never leave him that way after all he has done for her. While Owen appreciates her loyalty, he fires her anyway. While it is not something he wanted to do, he did it knowing it was the only way she would take the job at MEDCOM.

Meanwhile, Bailey tells Ben he can not make decisions without her as she proposes to him. Ben assures her everything will work out great. Richard is waiting for everyone to arrive before he gives a toast, but there’s been no contact with the missing doctors although the plane should have already landed. Owen gets several voicemails asking where his surgeons are.

Mark is devastated by the fact that he did not tell Lexie he loved her sooner. He thinks he might die, but Arizona tells him he can’t because his girls need him – Callie and Sofia need him – she needs him. He promises to hang on as night approaches. Meredith lights the remaining match, but the wind blows it out. Christina orders everyone to remain conscious until help arrives, although nobody knows when that could be or if it will happen at all.

The “Modern Family” Heads off to Disneyland

It’s easy to guess from the title of this series this week that the whole family is going to the greatest place on earth, Disneyland.  Ethan, the nephew of one of Claire’s friends, is also going with them.  He is just the opposite of all the boys that Haley normally dates, like Dylan. The family is shocked when they see Dylan walking down Main Street USA.

Claire is determined to hook Haley up with Ethan, but he seems to hit it off more with Alex. Having Dylan around doesn’t help.  When he lost his job in Wyoming, he found work as a Dapper Dan in Disneyland. Dylan cops a loaner Little John outfit to explain himself to Haley, telling her that he still loves her.  He gets fired because the characters aren’t supposed to talk. The good news is, he gets back with Haley.

Meanwhile, Manny is doing great for himself in a stock market project he is working on for school. It’s not often you see a broker in Mickey’s ear. Gloria is frustrated over the fact that her son won’t get off the phone and enjoy himself, as well as the fact that she is walking in high heels.  She doesn’t want Jay to know because he told her to wear comfortable shoes, so he buys her a pair of soft slippers as he can not stand to see her suffer. Could her discomfort have something to do with her short temper as far as Jay is concerned?

Lily is at the stage where every time she gets a chance she takes off. Knowing this, Cam hooks her to a child safety leash to make sure she doesn’t get lost. This doesn’t seem to sit well with passers by as they get lots of stares which in turn forces Mitchell to cut her loose from the leash. Immediately, Lily takes off after Chip and Dale. Jay knows how to resolve this problem with his granddaughter by doing just the opposite of what he did for Gloria.  He buys her an uncomfortable pair of heels so she can’t run and they can keep up with her without leash.

Phil is all hyped up to go on all the big rides with Luke, but the Indiana Jones Adventure left him dizzy.  However, this won’t stop him form heading for the Matterhorn Bobsleds as he staggers his way from ride to ride. He is all depressed because his age is keeping him from enjoying himself with Luke. Interestingly, it may not be his age after all. Looks like Phil has the flu and is elated when he finds out that is what is slowing him down.

Jay reminisces over a time when he took his own kids to Disneyland all by himself after a big fight he had with Dede. Some of those experiences allowed him to reflect on the things that related to his failing marriage. He received some inspiring words from a robotic Abraham Lincoln that encouraged him to remain with Dede until the kids were grown. While it was not easy, he feels like he was rewarded for the way he handled it as he now has Gloria.

What’s Going On In “Cougar Town”

Laurie can remember the time when everybody’s schedules got so messed up that they all went away without anyone of them even knowing when they would be coming back. For this reason, Jules thinks it is a good idea to celebrate Thanksgiving as soon as possible just in case there is nobody around when it comes around next fall.

They put up a sign that’s reads: “Welcome to Cougar Town, Are We Still On TV?” and they love it. Ellie convinces every single member on the cul-de-sac crew to play along with the “Fakesgiving” plans going on. Bobby is sure that the only reason she is doing this is because she is working to get something from Jules. Seems that she has hit the nail on the head and is right.

Ellie is dead set on having Stan as the ring bearer at her wedding.  Jules is going to allow him to do so, as long as he is able to stroll down a makeshift isle without getting distracted by other people or things going on. Stan comes through just like champion.  First Jules is bummed out and then she becomes frantic when all at once Stan shatters Big Carl into a gazillion pieces.  When it goes down, Jules calls Ellie the absolute, bar none worst mother in the world, which went over like a lead balloon.

Jules puts big pressure on Grayson to write some outstanding vows for to make their wedding special so he goes to work on it and comes up with a most appropriate song. Now all the pressure is dumped back on Jules to be creative and come up with her part of the vows. Therefore, she asks Travis to bail her out by coming up with something good for her.

Travis decides to solicit help from Bobby and Laurie to get it done. Meanwhile, Jules decides to make an apology to Ellie for her behavior and what she said about her, which was not very nice. She tells her she just became overly upset over losing Big Carl and tries to express to her how much Big Carl meant to her. When Travis, Laurie, and Bobby hear what Jules is saying to Ellie, they quickly realize that those exact words would make perfect wedding vows.

Grayson chips in to help Andy make all the preparations for the upcoming pizza toss, an event being put on to help boost his public image as he is running for mayor. They decide to have a practice run, using Play-Doh to practice with. The practice run was a disaster, causing Andy to be depressed. Grayson uses his psychological warfare on him to try to get him back in the groove, telling him that they need to do this as a team. Andy is then inspired to toss the dough like a pizza-making pro. The crowd is impressed.

Meanwhile, all is going good with Jules and Ellie as the crowd gathers for “Fakesgiving” dinner. As for the vows, Travis should have changed a few words he wrote for Jules, but it was still sweet. Everyone is impressed.