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Simon Cowell Can Be Very Insulting!

Simon Cowell


His first insult was directed at his mother. At the age of four, he informed his mother that her white hat made her look “like a poodle.” We all know him as the guy that says, “It’s a no from me.” He’s the tough guy, the judge that never backs down and loves to dish out sarcasm, insults and criticism. Some love him, many more hate him. His name? Simon Cowell.

Born in London in 1959, Simon Cowell has risen to fame as a judge on the British television music competition, The X Factor, since 2004. Following his amazing success on the X Factor, Simon Cowell went on to develop Got Talent, a talent show not limited only to musical performances. Simon Cowell quickly became the executive producer of America’s Got Talent, the American version of Britain’s X Factor.

But, it was Simon’s unfailing ability to say it like it is on Pop Idol, a British reality show, that pushed his name to the top in British households. Once he created American Idol, he was known across the entire world as a man that will not waste his words. When it comes to judging, he will say it like it is – like it or not.

Even though most of us know Cowell from his tough persona on various talent shows across Britain and the United States, did you know that he also created ABC’s American Inventor, as well as Celebrity Duets, Grease Is the Word and the game show Red or Black? Clearly he has not limited himself to talent shows and musical competitions.

One would never have guessed that the man who started working at EMI Music Publishing would so quickly rise to the top in the music industry. Simon Cowell is now known by name in homes across all of Europe and the United States – as well as the rest of the world.

Most recently, Simon Cowell has been working as a judge on the X Factor, and made headlines for revealing his singing abilities by singing Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love. He claims it was “the worst night” he’s ever done, but his fellow judges disagree. Apparently Cowell has many more talents than he chooses to reveal!

Johnny Depp Is Single!

Johnny Depp, the movie star that has brought the public so much pleasure with characters like Edward Scissorhands, the Mad Hatter and Captain Jack Sparrow, is now single. This makes him one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood.

Depp has been denying the reports of a breakup between him and his girlfriend of fourteen years, Vanessa Paradis, for some months. These denials continued to fall on deaf ears, as those closest to the couple offered information to the press.

Vanessa Paradis is the mother of Depp’s two children, Jack, age ten and Lily-Rose, age 13. She is 39, with a background in acting and singing. Even though they were together fourteen years, they have never been married.

Now that they are separating, however, it has been reported that Depp will pay a hefty price for the separation. Depp is said to have paid Paradis over $100 million in the split up.

Robert Nachshin, a well-known lawyer in Hollywood, said that had the couple been married Paradis would have been entitled to half of all of Depp’s assets, as well as child support and alimony. He went on to say that in a case where the couple was not married, the partner requesting the split up would have to file a civil suit for legal relief.

However, since there has been no legal battles in the press pertaining to the couple, it can be assumed that the split was amicable, and that Depp voluntarily paid Paradis what she requested. Since Depp is said to be worth about $200 million, he gave Paradis around half of his assets anyway.

Rumors of the split have been circulating for some time. There have also been rumors circulating of Depp’s other affairs while the two were together. Most recently, it was the sightings of Depp and his co-star from “Rum Diary”, Amber Heard, that made the news. It has been reported that the couple began to have trouble when they moved from France to Los Angeles, California. It was said that the stress of the couple staying away from each other for such long periods of time, while Depp was filming, added to the reasons for the split.

Other reports have also alluded to some resentment by Paradis at the standstill her career came to, while she was with Depp in California. She had a seven year period of time where she did not release any albums, or do any acting while Depp played his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

The recent reports of Depp and co-star, Amber Heard, seem to be true. Depp has been reported to have bought Heard a horse, and she has been sited on the set of “The Lone Ranger”, where Depp is filming, currently. They’ve also been seen heading to Las Vegas on a private plane. With Paradis promoting her new movie in France, and Depp publicly dating a young starlet in the States, the two seem to be moving on. Watch out, ladies. Depp is on the loose.

Amanda Bynes’ Recent Legal Troubles

Many will remember Amanda Bynes as the child star that helped entertain her generation through “The Amanda Show” on Nickelodeon. However, the child star has grown up. Now, she is in trouble with the law. The good news is that, though this may seem to fall in with the rash of other legal problems that seem to plague child stars, this is the first offense for Bynes, and she is much older than other child stars were in the beginnings of their legal problems.

The 26 year old child star was charged by the Los Angeles D. A.’s office for driving while intoxicated. Authorities say this incident happened approximately two months ago. The incident occurred as Bynes was sighted while grazing a police car, during a right hand turn. Authorities say the incident happened during early morning hours, around 3:00 am, in the West Hollywood area. This allegedly happened while Bynes was driving her BMW.

Amanda Bynes, however, is not taking this laying down. She has been noted for tweeting the President of the United States in relation to her current legal case. In her tweet, she says she does not drink, and she asked the President to please fire the policeman that arrested her.

Bynes will be arraigned on Wednesday morning, in the Beverly Hills courthouse. She does not have to attend the arraignment. Instead of appearing, she can hire a lawyer to appear for her, to enter her plea.

The initial arrest occurred during April 6th of 2012. She was arrested for allegedly scraping a patrol car while she was making a turn.

Bynes was asked to take a test to determine if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident. She refused the test. Due to her refusal, she is at risk of losing her license for a year.

Amanda Bynes has been charged, but she has not been convicted of anything, as of yet. If convicted, Ms. Bynes could serve a maximum of 48 hours in jail, as a first-time offender. She could also have to serve up to three years on probation, and complete a nine month alcohol recovery program.

While this is the only incident Bynes has gotten charged with, it is not the only driving mishap she has had recently.

While Bynes has made it into the news for this offense, there are no other criminal offenses that have been reported.

She was seen backing up on a curb while texting, and she was seen holding up traffic while in the process of making a three point turn. The three point turn was an effort to make a U-Turn.

She, nor her publicist, Melissa Raubvogel, were immediately available for comment.

Bynes is known for her work on the children’s show “All That” on Nickelodeon. Bynes appeared in the 2002 movie “What I Like About You” and “What A Girl Wants” in 2003. She is also credited with appearances on “What I Like About You” on Nickelodeon. She was also in the film, “Easy A”.

“Dancing With The Stars” Maks Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd an Item?

While best known for their spectacular talent on the floor, professional dancers, Maks and Peta are dancing to a different kind of song these days as they have become not only good dancers but have developed a talent for sucking each other’s faces. Rumors have always surfaced and fans have always questioned relationships between the contestants on the ABC dance contest, but it is now the professional dancers that have been spotted out in public in a display of affection.

The new couple, Max and Peta, was reportedy spotted as a couple at XS nightclub in Las Vegas last weekend and were seen performing a passionate lip tango that Len would have been proud of. According to the spokesperson, it was 10’s across the board. Not only has Peta picked up the mirror ball trophy in the “Dancing with the Stars” championship partnered with NFL star, Donald Driver, it looks like her real prize for the season is Maksim Chmerkovskiy and his rock solid abs.

Not only did the duo enjoy their passionate night of lip-locking in a popular Vegas hotspot, but the two “hotties”  Peta and Maks, also were reportedly hitting the pool this weekend in Las Vegas as they played and cuddled, looking good as they did so too!

After Peta took the contest top prize of the mirror ball trophy with her partner Donald Driver, she headed to a victory celebration of her own Saturday at the Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas.  Want to know who was by her side?  It was not Donald, but Maks and his ripped physique accompanying Peta to the event. Sources at the party reported that they two pros were all over each other, bring very affectionate, and seemingly extremely into each other.

Couple alert! It looks like the dance duo has made the couples list in Vegas.  They were later spotted as they had a relaxing dinner at Society Café Encore on the night of the celebration party. Talk about one hot couple, they will make beautiful memories together, not to mention what a hunk Peta has!

A spokesperson for “Dancing with the Stars” has revealed that Maksim and Peta are the long-running show’s newest couple to date.  While they go on to admit that the romance is brand new and just starting to grow, the couple is already very serious about each other. The spokesperson goes on to tell that Maks has been searching for a girlfriend and true love.  As for Peta, she has been tagged as a really sweet and special girl who has had a real crush on Maks for a long time now. Adding more romance news, sources close to Chmerkovskiy and the New Zealand native, Peta, say they are extremely happy together and having the time of their lives just now.

It’s about time Maks found love. Back in 2008, Maks and Karina Smirnoff found love on the show and became engaged.  However, the duo broke it off a year later never citing their differences. Will Peta be the one for Maks?

The Legacy of Amy Winehouse – Her Father in Control

The music of Amy Winehouse may be topping the music charts after her death, but according to her father his daughter, Amy, will never be the subject of any biographical film.  Mitch Winehouse, the owner of all the rights to her music, and father of the late Amy Winehouse, has revealed that he will never allow the songs to be released.

Recent rumors have surfaced that Amy’s ex-boyfriend and film maker, Reg Traviss has been in extended talks to produce a biopic about Amy, who passed away last July at the young age of 27 years old. According to the father of the singing sensation, Mitch expresses how it would never be a biopic without the music and said he plans to release a book about Amy. Any and all proceeds from the sale of the book will all go to the “The Amy Winehouse Foundation,” a charitable organization established after Amy’s death to aid children who are in need.

Reports coming out of London, share that Amy’s family has recently put her North London home on the market following her passing last July. A spokesperson close to the family said they have decided to list the home for sale and put it on the market, but with great regret. They go on to reveal that the family said that Amy loved that house but none of the family felt that it was proper for any of the family to live in it and practicality would prevent them from keeping it empty just because Amy loved it and having to pay the huge upkeep on it while it was empty.

Winehouse fans have surrounded the property in Camden North London with items and flowers, transforming a nearby square into a shrine after the “Back to Black” musical star’s death. After a long battle with alcohol and drug abuse, 27 year old Winehouse’s body was found in her home. Reports in London newspapers said the three bedroom house and property has been listed for sale at a whopping 4.2 million dollars.

The news reports also revealed that the home in trendy Camden in northwest London became a shrine after the singer passed away with scads of fans leaving things like bottles of booze and packs of cigarettes outside along with loads of cards and flowers. The real estate company that has the listing of the property describes it as a substantial and impressive three double bedroom, three reception room semi-detached period villa with well-groomed and proportioned private gardens.

The family first thought they would keep the house that Amy loved so much and earmarked it as the headquarters for “The Amy Winehouse Foundation” charity that was set up to support causes dear to her heart. However, they later decided it would be impractical to base the charity at the house and pay the upkeep fees. Mitch, Amy’s father who helped her buy the house for 1.8 million back in April 2010, confirmed they had put the home on the market, but had no further comments.

Kim Kardashian Dons Kopycat Gown

Ignoring the Hollywood unspoken code, reality star Kim Kardashian shows up at a party in the exact same bare-belly black lace gown that was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow to the 2011 Emmys. Attending a party thrown by Diddy aboard a yacht in Cannes, France on Tuesday night, the realty star apparently wanted to show off her curves loved by many, but could not hold a match to the Oscar winner’s fashion statement.

Fashion critics say her chandelier earrings were also too much of a distraction from the busy dress. When comparing the two in the same dress, Paltrow went for a simple look when she rocked the Pucci design with her simple jewelry and shimmering blond hair. Critics say that they were shocked that Kardashian would even dare to wear the same dress, especially since Partlow made such a stunning display in it last September when she came adorned in a very memorable look that landed her at the top of the best dressed lists.

Kardashian’s former best friend, Paris Hilton also attended the event.  The two childhood friends used to be inseperable after the heiress replaced Nicole Richie with Kim Kardashian as her best friend until around 2007. That was about the time that Kim’s reality show debuted on E!. Kim’s popularity shot through the roof and as her fame skyrocketed, Hilton’s started to decline.

Last year when asked what happened to the relationship, Kim said there just comes a time in your life when you grow apart for whatever reasons and you realize you simply don’t have as much in common as you once did. Also noted was that the two worlds are so different as they never see each other – until Tuesday night.  There were no reports as to whether the two ever reunited at the party or if they kept a safe distance.  Kim was at the party with her new boyfriend Kanye West who has been in South France to promote and debut his short art film, Cruel Summer at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kardashian has reportedly been following her beau all over Europe as he and Jay-Z are touring their latest album, Watch the Throne. Before going to France, the two lovebirds were previously in London as the two rappers performed before a sold-out crowd at the O2 Arena, which was also attended by Jay-Z’s close friend, Gwyneth Paltrow and her two children, Apple who is eight, and Moses who is 6. The actress even tweeted a photo of her kids enjoying “uncle” Jay’s concert.  The actor admits that her children call him uncle Jay as does she now. Interesting!

Sources revealed that Kim and Kanye were making a show of kissing for the first time in public Wednesday night at the Cannes Film Festival, with photographers snapping away. They told that the couple, basically “Kimye” was making out all night when the cameras were off as well. The duo is said to have chose matching outfits for the red carpet event where West showed up in a white blazer and T-shirt, and Kim wore a mini dress that was white with gold and silver appliqués. While posing for pictures, West stood holding the brunette beauty tight with his hand around her waist.

John Travolta Lawsuit

A man that has brought allegations of sexual misconduct against icon John Travolta may have opened a can of worms he doesn’t know how to shut.

A man, who filed his lawsuit anonymously, has alleged that he was exposed to sexual battery and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. The incident is said to have occurred on January 16, 2012. The lawsuit, should the man win, would grant him $200 million in compensation. Since the incident in question is supposed to have occurred over a four hour period, that is quite a pay day for the masseur.

john travolta quote

Marty Singer, Travolta’s lawyer, is well known for dealing with false allegations. He has gone to bat for clients such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Sheen in the past, when they were sought out for false allegations and the subsequent lawsuits. His client in this case, can be proven innocent, Singer says, because Travolta wasn’t even in Los Angeles at the time of the alleged assault. Due to what Singer has labeled as a false and malicious complaint, he is planning on counter-suing the man that brought the lawsuit, and his lawyer. The lawyer, Singer said, is guilty of malicious persecution.

According to current allegations, Travolta made moves the man wasn’t comfortable with. Also, the suit said that Travolta was quoted as saying he was sorry, that the two men must have gotten their signals crossed, when the masseur did not reciprocate Travolta‘s supposed advances. There are other details stated of a supposed attempt by Travolta to engage the man.

john travolta

When asked about the plaintiff’s anonymity, Singer stated that could only be so that the plaintiff could keep something private. Singer also added that this is not the type of case that can one can keep one’s identity private. In the complaint, the plaintiff’s anonymity was stated as being warranted because of Travolta’s status as a celebrity. It was stated that if the plaintiff’s identity got out it could ruin the his career.

Singer said the plaintiff’s attorney was to blame to a certain extent, as well. Singer explained that in such a case, an attorney has the obligation to do some fact-finding of his or her own, not just leaving it up to the plaintiff’s word. Singer said that attorney are responsible for doing their due diligence, and that when he spoke to the attorney, the attorney was warned that there would be consequence for filing the suit. Singer stated that the attorney must have decided to go ahead with the suit to get his 15 minutes of fame as a lawyer. The attorney was not available for comment.

john travolta lawsuit

Singer also said that before he can sue the plaintiff and his attorney for malicious persecution, he has to first defeat the plaintiff’s claim. This means filing a summary judgment. After Travolta beats the case, then Singer can sue the plaintiff and his attorney for filing a lawsuit that was built on allegations and with no concern to Travolta’s reputation. Singer also stated he will seek punitive damages.

Jennifer Hudson Testifies in Family Murder Trial

Considering all that she has been through with her family, along with trying to maintain her career, Jennifer Hudson seems to be in good spirits before the family murder trial begins. The one thing that keeps her going is the fact that she has her surviving sister, Julia, to lean on throughout the ordeal.

A family friend, Harvey Star Washington, a fashion producer claims to have known Julia since right after her and Jennifer’s mother, brother, and Julia’s son were reportedly gunned down in 2008 by Julia’s estranged and obviously disturbed husband.

jennifer hudson walk it out

Speaking for the siblings, Washington has offered updates on how the family is getting along just before the high profile case is subjected to the publically advertised courtroom drama and sent before a jury.

Much to everybody’s surprise, prosecutors wasted no time in pulling out what they call their big gun on the very first day of the trial, when they call Jennifer Hudson to the stand.  Jennifer was the first witness for the prosecution in her family’s trial.  While the Oscar winning star was on the list of potential people to testify for the prosecution, it had never been revealed or decided, as far as anyone knew, whether she would actually be called up as a witness or not in the trial against William Balfour, the man that is accused of killing her family members in cold blood and her sister Julia’s estranged husband.

jennifer hudson

However, she was called and called quickly. Jennifer’s testimony began with her telling the court how she begged her sister not to marry William.  Jennifer said she warned her over and over as her voice trembled while she was speaking on the stand.  She continued telling the court that the family did not like how William treated their sister even before their marriage.

The American Idol turned star reportedly came to the trial dressed conservatively in a black suit, her hair pulled back, and without her normal amount of make-up. Jennifer started to cry as she tells of how she used to talk to her mother every single day of her life. As she continued to share her memories with the court, the tears kept flowing as she talked about the last time she laid eyes on her family members one week before she had to look at their slain bodies. She explains it was her mother, her brother, her sister, and her dog that came to see her at her home, a welcomed visit. She told the court she was surprised the whole family came. She thanked God that she was given the opportunity to visit with them one last time as she sobbed in tears throughout the story.

no one gonna love you

As the emotional sister, daughter, and aunt of the family that was gunned down visited with her family, she shares how she spent the visit playing the piano with her bother and mother.  She became so overwhelmed at one point that the judge stopped her to ask if she was okay. Jennifer resumed her testimony after wiping the tears from her eyes. Members of the Hudson family are in the courtroom for support as is Jennifer’s fiancé, David Otuga. Expectations are that the trial will last approximately four weeks.