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Compare TV and Movie Streaming Services and Sites

Streaming services have slowly grown in popularity and stature. What started as a supplement to the all encompassing television entertainment, has today replaced television for many people. These cord cutters use streaming services as their exclusive mode of entertainment now. This has been made possible, in large part, because of the breadth of content available with these services, their affordability, and more importantly, the flexibility they offer their customers. Here is a comparison of some of the popular streaming services and what they have to offer.


Netflix free subscription stream television

You probably have heard of this and if you are thinking of cutting the cable, you would have certainly come across Netflix. Netflix is the Godfather of streaming services. It offers a lot of programming from movies to popular television shows. The service is a goldmine for movie buffs. There are new titles updated regularly, and some of the latest releases are up for grabs. As far as the television shows are concerned, Netflix hosts a good collection of those too. However, you should know that the television shows are not updated frequently, and you may find many popular shows missing from the lineup.

After the recent revision of rates, a new Netflix subscription will cost you $9.99. This is not a bad deal still, considering the vast library of content you will have access to. A point worth noting here is that since Netflix has been around for many years now, almost all devices that can stream content can access Netflix. So, you do not have to worry about hardware incompatibility at all. Also, the experience of so many years has helped Netflix build an exceptional recommendation system. This means that even if you do not know what to watch Netflix can tell you, based on your previous choices, and you can be introduced to some really good movies.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon instant prime video television television selection online

Amazon Prime Instant Video is another major streaming service in the market that has been very well- received by the customers. The reason is actually two-pronged. One is, of course, the content. In a short period of time, Amazon Prime Instant Video is quite close to catching up with the huge content library of Netflix. Amazon has entered a lot of partnerships with companies like Viacom to make sure that it has a constant flow of high quality content at its disposal, and this move has borne fruit. Secondly, Amazon has offered a lot of freebies to the subscribers of the service. On subscription, users get access to free two- day Amazon shipping, one free eBook from the Kindle library, access to Amazon Music, and more.

Amazon Prime Instant Video offers a lot of content in terms of both movies and television shows. But, other than that, it also offers offline viewing, which is something Netflix does not do. So, if you are going to travel, you can download content when you have an internet connection, and watch it later, when you do not have online access.

The subscription fee for Amazon Prime Instant Video costs $99 a year, and if you want more flexibility, you can always go for the newly introduced monthly package of $10.99.


HBO now stellar lineup

Yes, this is the streaming service from the well-known channel, HBO. In fact, HBO was one of the first major channels that came out with its own service, HBO GO. But, HBO GO could only be accessed if you had a TV login. The good part was that you could run multiple streams at the same time. With HBO Now, the channel could be accessed directly online.

Given the high quality content, it is only obvious that the charges will be on the expensive side too. They are indeed. Users have to pay as much as $14.99 for one subscription. There is a trial version available too, in all major online stores, including Google Play, the App Store, and so on. It runs on any device that can stream videos and is connected to a high speed internet connection. There is only a lag of an hour or sometimes, even minutes, between the HBO shows broadcasted live on cable and those being streamed online.

Price is one of the biggest factors that may deter the users from using the services. While other streaming services offer a lot of content for a much less price, HBO Now will only offer HBO content. However, for the fans of HBO and especially for the love of shows like Game of Thrones, this purchase may be justified. But, still there are better deals in the market if you are not that big a fan.


VUDU streaming home and family big selection movies

Most of the pay-as-you-go services do not have a sizeable content library to go with them. But, VUDU is one service that actually boasts of a good content library. VUDU actually began as a set-top box manufacturer, before Walmart bought it. Now, it has transformed VUDU into a powerful movie and TV show rental service that is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, among all the pay-as-you-go streaming services, this is actually the one that has gained the highest traction and enjoys the higher users. The service offers different apps, because of which it is available on a variety of platforms, and devices.

The best thing about VUDU is that it updates TV shows as they are aired. Most of them are aired within a day or two, and you can catch up with entire seasons if you want. VUDU’s movie library is extensive, and you will find everything from the latest movies to the classic old films. Its TV show library, although not as big, is sizeable. You pay a standard price of $1.99 per movie or TV show episode. Further, HD content costs $2.99. However, other types of content, such as sneak previews and extras might cost significantly higher. So, don’t be surprised.

There is one more thing you should know about VUDU. It is a growing service, and it does need a lot of improvements. For instance, closed captioning is not available on all platforms with VUDU. Neither do you get content suggestions based on your previous rentals. However, it appears that it will grow to become a sizeable player in the streaming market in 2016. 

Comcast in Seattle WA Offers Bundled Cable Packages

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Other features include Online Programming which lets you watch anything you can on your television right on your computer, and even in HD so that you never have to miss thing, including exceptional quality.

Never miss out on fun activities you have dreamed of doing online with High-Speed Internet’s exceptionally fast service.  Quicker than 25 Mbps you can download, surf, stream, video chat, communicate, and play games instantly!

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Amazing Bundled Cable Specials

With Comcast’s various home services customers can finally start enjoying the ability to entertain themselves while at home to the fullest extent possible.  The most accessible home service package in the world, Comcast Packages through let customers enjoy Comcast Digital TV with HD, Comcast High-Speed Internet, and Comcast Digital Voice all together for one incredible home service package!  Never deal with inaccessibility ever again when you order your very own Comcast Package today.

Comcast Digital TV with HD has so many channels you will be way over-excited to come home after a busy day in the office and enjoy the best television.  With hundreds of HD channels including premium channel packages, movie channels, special interest programming, programming for kids, sports lovers, and a plethora of news stations covering everything from local to international current events Comcast Digital TV with HD offers easy and great entertainment 24/7!

A bundle of features come with this sweet television service so that you are not left only watching what you like sometimes.  With a DVR and the first Online Programming ever available you can watch your favorite television when it fits into your schedule no matter who else might be watching what at the same time you want to.  Watch live TV on your computer, in HD, anytime you want or simply record it ahead of time with the convenient DVR, it is that easy only with Digital TV with HD.

Parental controls let you password-protect channels and shows that you do not want your kids viewing at early ages.  Perfect for easily enforcing your parenting rules, your kids will be limited to great children’s networks, shows, and movies that are both educational and fun without them even realizing it!

Comcast High Speed Internet is ridiculously fast so that you never have to suffer from waiting around for the web to do what you want and need it to on a daily basis.  This Comcast Package service is the most reliable there is with 24/7 access to these insane speeds whether or not others are surfing simultaneously in your household!

You can get online throughout your house with a super-strong wireless connection and when you make this easy switch soon you will enjoy an impressive security package.  Filled with professional programs you will never get another virus again.

Digital Voice provides a bundle of features with which to manipulate all of your calling experiences to your needs.  With over ten included you never have to miss calls or take them if you do not want to.

An unlimited calling plan from Digital Voice is affordable and effective, spanning across the entire country!

Ordering a Comcast Package at is incredibly easy with the ability to do so in person, over the phone, or you can click the link on this page and check out the quick and easy online form.  Get any unification of one, two, or the entire trifecta of home services in order to make sure that you have exactly what you want and need to get along stress-free on a daily basis!

How To Know Which Websites Are Tracking You

“Safe”, this four letter word is very rare.Yea we are not safe whether we are in home or road or even in cyber world.Some people think that using a genuine OS and a updated good anti-virus keeps themselves safe.But i am not talking about that kind of safe ,can you recall the movie “Independent Day” ? In this movie we see how alien attack on earth but US soldier fight and defeat them.So we don’t want to live dependent.But are we really independent or safe ? Imagine you woke up early morning and see a news that Microsoft or Apple caught due to they were selling our personal info from our computer to CIA or some Govt.Yes and the info were just send to Apple or Microsoft via internet connection from our computer as they make their OS to do this.I know you will be shocked and me also.Hope its not true.

But its true that US Govt tracking us and they use Facebook and Google to track us.Few months ago Google was caught as they use some code to track normal people.After news in media Google stop their secrete code.But there is a probability that they are tracking you.So i am going to tell you how websites track you.

Whenever you visit some site let then there are some other site like will know when you visit is connected to via some script or cookies.So is tracking you when you visit how websites track you.

So how to know which website are tracking you when you visit some site ? Collusion for Chrome[] is the extension for Google Chrome browser that show graphically the tracking sites when soime visit.And also mark the sites that are tracking you when you visits that site.Its a bets tool that show how websites track you.

Here I visit famous tech site cnet and Collusion for Chrome show that many site are tracking me including Facebook and Google.Here the red circled site are know tracking site and the gray circled site are may tracking you.So we can see here how websites track you.

You can see the list of site that are tracking when I visit Cnet at the left side of pic.
So how to stop ourselves by tracking from Google or other site? I have already post a article on this topic you can follow the method here

So whenever you visit some site don’t forget to check which websites are tracking you or you can can show your friend or family that how websites track you.

If you are a Firefox user then you can download Collusion from here[]


About Author: This is guest post by Tanmoy Das, cyber security expert and blogger.He run his tech tips n trick blog Cyber Key.

Have You Looked at the Current Comcast Deals?

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Other features include a variety of personalization options that would enhance usability when you get online such as a personalized homepage with all of the go-to websites your house members us. Special access to exclusive entertainment sites, free email accounts, and a power boost for every one of your downloads make life easier, and it is all included free!

Such features compliment the already mind-numbing speeds of Comcast High-Speed Internet Plans. Faster than 20 Mbps, the world is your oyster whenever you like with the easiest online experiences 24/7.

A sports lover’s haven, Comcast Digital TV in HD has the best array of sports shows, games both old and live, and commentaries in the world. Tons of sports networks that span all interests from karate to football and soccer, the plethora of sports networks mimics the extensive nature in which Digital TV in HD is able to explore all interests. Whether you love sports, music, movies, network shows, or have children, Comcast has just the right thing for everybody!

With a variety of programming tools to make it easy to access exactly what you need to on television when you need to, never get bored at home! A DVR offers individuals 100% control over live TV with recording, pausing, stopping, rewinding, and other abilities. You can also access thousands of selections instantly from On Demand and Pay-Per-View.

Jump into conversations without inhibitions with Comcast Digital Voice’s unlimited calling plan. If you have ever wanted a phone service that spans the entirety of the United States and even beyond with perfect digital audio quality, Digital Voice is it, and it is not even expensive!

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HBO’s Influence On Home Entertainment

It was in a meeting being held at the NCTA Cable Show in 1973 that things started to change for home entertainment. This meeting was the beginning of a process that ushered in the home entertainment industry. With the advent of satellite innovations, an industry was formed.

The original companies that were involved included Scientific-Atlanta, TelePrompTer and HBO.

HBO was originally started in 1972. The Home Box Office was the started by Charles Dolan, who sold it to Time Life, Inc in 1973. Originally, the services this company offered relied on microwave transmissions. These transmissions were unreliable and costly. There was also opposition from the studios HBO had to get its material from. The company finally got a break with the NCTA Cable Show, and decided to take a chance. It provided a boxing match for a small group of viewers. This was on June 18, 1973.

Those in attendance included the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carl Albert and William Bresnan, Chair for the NCTA.

The boxing match was in Madison Square Garden, between Ernie Shavers and Jimmy Ellis. Shavers knocked Ellis out in less than one round, but the footage that was seen was enough to convince those present that there was a future in this type of home entertainment. Even though the country was in a recession (starting in 1973 and ending in 1975), the technology and promise of a new industry was too much to pass up.

Scientific-Atlanta came through this period of time as one of the main vendors for cable. At first, the satellite system that Scientific-Atlanta produced was extremely expensive. However, the pricing dropped per system as more companies bought it. The cable industry still had a ways to go before it could actually see a profit. Those involved with it did struggle for a time, but eventually the pricing on the satellite system dropped enough to allow everyone the opportunity to make the money that was there to be made.

TelePrompTer was the biggest provider in the United States from 1975 through 1980. The company had over one million subscribers. With the advent of the lower pricing on the Scientific-Atlanta model, TelePrompTer was able to make a sizable profit, catching the eye of Westinghouse. Westinghouse bought TelePrompTer in the early half of the 1980s.

Using the services offered by HBO, those involved were able to enjoy a new technology, seeing how it could work and benefit everyone that signed up for it. After that experience, HBO also designed a revenue sharing plan that allowed cable operators to carry it across the US.

HBO was the first company that offered a telecast for home viewing. The Home Box Office helped put the cable TV industry on the map by proving that it could be done. That original group of viewers, who sat down to watch a boxing match in 1973, didn’t just get to watch Ellis and Shivers fight, however short that fight may have been. That original group of viewers got to glimpse the future.

What’s the Latest Celebrity News?

Carrie Underwood

While Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood do not have any immediate plans to begin a family, Mike already knows she will make a great mother. In their first television interview as a couple, Oprah Winfrey asked Underwood, “Who are You?”

Carrie shares that she is a happy person and feels like she wants to do good in the world. She goes on to say that she wants people to be proud of her. She said she is a daughter, wife and mom to her dogs and wants to be good at all of those things. Ace and Penny, the family dogs, made a short appearance on the show and filmed at the couple’s Tennessee weekend hideaway. Ace was part of the wedding party and Carrie calls him a blessing.

When asked about Carries mothering abilities, Fisher says if she treats the kids half as good as she does the dogs, they’ll be fine, and Carrie chimes in with the compliment that he will be the best dad ever, which makes the parenting thing even better.

Donald Driver

Donald vows his Dancing with the Stars free style is the best, which earned him his first perfect score of the season on Monday night after a boot-scootin’ boogie that brought the house down! Donald is feeling extremely confident about the results show on Tuesday. It took Donald 10 weeks to get a 10 from Len, but now that he has it, he wants that mirror ball.

Kelly Clarkson

Best known for her empowering break up songs like Since U been Gone, the pop star is now struggling to find that edge as she is happily in a relationship. During a press conference for the upcoming ABC singing competition, “Duets,” Clarkston reveals that she is trying to write a tough song that keeps coming out soft and sweet.

Kelly, now thirty years old, says she is dating Brandon Blackstock, a thirty five year old Nashville-based talent manager. She jokingly said the relationship is killing her creativity as she publically announced the matchup in early March. She said her brain now causes her to write all this happy stuff.

Blackstock has been Kelly’s manager for five years now.  He is the son of Narvel Blackstock and the stepson of Clarkston’s “Because of You” duet partner, Reba McEntire.

Kelly tells how people used to always ask her why she was single and she would tell them it would not fit her schedule. Now she can say, her relationship is her schedule. Clarkston’s next single off her fifth album, Stronger, will be her normal “darkside.” But her happy love life is making it difficult to tap into her darkness now.

The singer/writer says her fans are going to say, “What the hell happened to you? Clarkston said her recent writing sessions are all coming out like butterflies and rainbows as it has been very difficult, but she is loving it. She reveals how awesome it is to have this problem.