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Compare TV and Movie Streaming Services and Sites

Streaming services have slowly grown in popularity and stature. What started as a supplement to the all encompassing television entertainment, has today replaced television for many people. These cord cutters use streaming services as their exclusive mode of entertainment now. This has been made possible, in large part, because of the breadth of content available with these services, their affordability, and more importantly, the flexibility they offer their customers. Here is a comparison of some of the popular streaming services and what they have to offer.


Netflix free subscription stream television

You probably have heard of this and if you are thinking of cutting the cable, you would have certainly come across Netflix. Netflix is the Godfather of streaming services. It offers a lot of programming from movies to popular television shows. The service is a goldmine for movie buffs. There are new titles updated regularly, and some of the latest releases are up for grabs. As far as the television shows are concerned, Netflix hosts a good collection of those too. However, you should know that the television shows are not updated frequently, and you may find many popular shows missing from the lineup.

After the recent revision of rates, a new Netflix subscription will cost you $9.99. This is not a bad deal still, considering the vast library of content you will have access to. A point worth noting here is that since Netflix has been around for many years now, almost all devices that can stream content can access Netflix. So, you do not have to worry about hardware incompatibility at all. Also, the experience of so many years has helped Netflix build an exceptional recommendation system. This means that even if you do not know what to watch Netflix can tell you, based on your previous choices, and you can be introduced to some really good movies.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon instant prime video television television selection online

Amazon Prime Instant Video is another major streaming service in the market that has been very well- received by the customers. The reason is actually two-pronged. One is, of course, the content. In a short period of time, Amazon Prime Instant Video is quite close to catching up with the huge content library of Netflix. Amazon has entered a lot of partnerships with companies like Viacom to make sure that it has a constant flow of high quality content at its disposal, and this move has borne fruit. Secondly, Amazon has offered a lot of freebies to the subscribers of the service. On subscription, users get access to free two- day Amazon shipping, one free eBook from the Kindle library, access to Amazon Music, and more.

Amazon Prime Instant Video offers a lot of content in terms of both movies and television shows. But, other than that, it also offers offline viewing, which is something Netflix does not do. So, if you are going to travel, you can download content when you have an internet connection, and watch it later, when you do not have online access.

The subscription fee for Amazon Prime Instant Video costs $99 a year, and if you want more flexibility, you can always go for the newly introduced monthly package of $10.99.


HBO now stellar lineup

Yes, this is the streaming service from the well-known channel, HBO. In fact, HBO was one of the first major channels that came out with its own service, HBO GO. But, HBO GO could only be accessed if you had a TV login. The good part was that you could run multiple streams at the same time. With HBO Now, the channel could be accessed directly online.

Given the high quality content, it is only obvious that the charges will be on the expensive side too. They are indeed. Users have to pay as much as $14.99 for one subscription. There is a trial version available too, in all major online stores, including Google Play, the App Store, and so on. It runs on any device that can stream videos and is connected to a high speed internet connection. There is only a lag of an hour or sometimes, even minutes, between the HBO shows broadcasted live on cable and those being streamed online.

Price is one of the biggest factors that may deter the users from using the services. While other streaming services offer a lot of content for a much less price, HBO Now will only offer HBO content. However, for the fans of HBO and especially for the love of shows like Game of Thrones, this purchase may be justified. But, still there are better deals in the market if you are not that big a fan.


VUDU streaming home and family big selection movies

Most of the pay-as-you-go services do not have a sizeable content library to go with them. But, VUDU is one service that actually boasts of a good content library. VUDU actually began as a set-top box manufacturer, before Walmart bought it. Now, it has transformed VUDU into a powerful movie and TV show rental service that is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, among all the pay-as-you-go streaming services, this is actually the one that has gained the highest traction and enjoys the higher users. The service offers different apps, because of which it is available on a variety of platforms, and devices.

The best thing about VUDU is that it updates TV shows as they are aired. Most of them are aired within a day or two, and you can catch up with entire seasons if you want. VUDU’s movie library is extensive, and you will find everything from the latest movies to the classic old films. Its TV show library, although not as big, is sizeable. You pay a standard price of $1.99 per movie or TV show episode. Further, HD content costs $2.99. However, other types of content, such as sneak previews and extras might cost significantly higher. So, don’t be surprised.

There is one more thing you should know about VUDU. It is a growing service, and it does need a lot of improvements. For instance, closed captioning is not available on all platforms with VUDU. Neither do you get content suggestions based on your previous rentals. However, it appears that it will grow to become a sizeable player in the streaming market in 2016. 

How Big of A Threat is Cord Cutting to Traditional TV in the USA?

It began with Netflix’s streaming service and has now begun a staple in most modern homes: streaming TV shows and movies is becoming more and more common; and with the advances in streaming services, more people are choosing to go ahead with “cord cutting” their traditional cable. In this case, “cord cutting” refers to people who chose to give up their traditional cable services in favor of using streaming services exclusively. But is cord cutting really a big thread to traditional television in the USA? Let’s take a closer look at what cord cutting really means, why people are choosing to cut their cable cords, and what potential ramifications it could have on traditional TV services.



Why People Are Choosing Streaming Services Over Traditional TV

There are three key differences between traditional TV and streaming services which are drawing more and more people to cut their traditional TV cords.  These differences are: price, selection, and scheduling. The most deciding factor for people choosing to cut cable is the cost. Traditional cable TV services typically cost more than streaming services—although people who purchase subscriptions to multiple streaming services sometimes come close to the cost of normal cable. And streaming services often have a much wider range of TV and film programming than traditional cable, particularly older shows that are often not available through cable services; more importantly, people now want to watch specific shows without having to pay for a bundle with hundreds of channels that they do not want to watch. The third important factor—scheduling—is a result of people’s changing priorities in how they watch television. People no longer want to race home to catch a TV show as it airs, but would prefer to be able to watch it whenever they want, without having to worry about schedules.

How Does Cord Cutting Impact Traditional TV?

Simply put: fewer people are choosing traditional TV, which means that traditional TV companies are seeing a decrease in their overall subscriptions. This could definitely impact these companies, particularly if their main source of investment are related to traditional TV subscription fees. Some companies have even taken to raising the prices for their subscription services, although this has backfired in the past, since price is a major deciding factor in people choosing to cut their cords.

What Can Traditional TV Companies Do?

There is no doubt that cord cutting is impacting traditional TV in the USA. However, it is not the end of traditional TV—if traditional TV companies are able to respond in the right way. Traditional TV companies should not look at streaming services as the end of an era or as the ‘enemy.’ They should instead embrace the newest evolutions in people’s TV habits and attempt to adapt with the times.

Some networks are already adapting to these changes. HBO  which was once only available with expensive cable packages, announced its own streaming service package for people who want to watch HBO shows without paying for cable.

Looking For A Better Broadband Plan?

Do not take your frustration over the internet out on your computer anymore. There is a solution to the madness and frustration you feel when you cannot do what you want on the internet. Cable TV Providers are your best option for all your house service needs. These providers do not just offer cable TV, they will also offer you high-speed broadband internet.

They will always offer you the best quality for the best price, no matter who else you look up. They surpass Dial-Up, DSL and even Satellite with their high quality and performance. With these cable internet providers, you can do what you want, when you want. No waiting, no hassle, no time wasted and no more beating your keyboard or mouse.

Your local internet service provider will offer you up to 105 Mbps. This is enough speed to make sure you can do anything you want. Upload, Download, Stream and even play all your favorite games. Sometimes, even all at once. You can also do this with Wi-Fi. This still gives you up to 105 Mbps while allowing you free range of your home or even your porch with your internet enabled devices. With these internet services you also get free online security and free Parental Controls. The internet security will offer you the best in security by giving you protection from malware, spyware, Trojans and much more.

It will also protect you from hackers and identity thieves so that you can surf the web without worrying about your personal documents or identity. The Parental Controls help with your kids’ online time and even their safety. It will allow you to control how much time they get on the internet each day and will also allow you to monitor online chats and recent activities. This way you no longer have to worry about what they see or whether their chores and homework is done. This means a little less to stress during the day.

Your local ISP will offer you home phone and cable TV as well. With all of these you will be able to choose a bundled plan from them. These plans come in very handy at the end of the month. When you get a bundled plan, you get home phone, cable internet and cable TV for one low monthly payment. No searching through papers to find the bill for every service in the home anymore. They will even offer you free online bill pay.

This means you don’t have to send in a check or even call them, you get an easy to read statement in the mail and even online. You can pay however late at night you want. This makes it easy to remember and easy to pay. When you bundle your services together, your local ISP will also give you a monthly discount for bundling. This way, your wallet does not feel empty and you no longer have to stress about how much bundling is going to cost extra.